Writing Craft Posters

I've been getting tons of questions about Writing Crafts so I've created Writing Craft Posters to help you use them with your students.

I went through my classroom and wrote down the writing crafts and tricks I've been using for you all!

Here's a sample list of what is in the writing craft poster book. There are 18 mini-posters in all.

Lyrics: Writing songs for learning or pleasure.

Onomatopoeia: When a word makes the sound of an action. Examples: Splat, Crack.

Ellipsis: Sometimes it is called “dot dot dot”. It is used to build suspense and leave the reader wanting more information.

Circle and keep going: This is a great trick for beginning writers who always want to know “How do you spell…..?” Have the kids stretch out the sounds, circle the word if they aren’t sure if it’s correct and keep going.

Diagram: This is used a lot in non-fiction writing to label parts of an item. This is a really easy craft to start off with.

Dialogue: My kids call this “Talking words”. That’s an easy way to explain it. When someone is talking – it’s dialogue.

Speech bubbles: If you have ever read “Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus” or a comic book, you’ve seen speech bubbles.

Caret: When your student’s think faster than they can write – they will need a caret to fill in the missing words.

Bold: When you want a word to be strong in your story - bold it.

I've taken each of these crafts and made a little hand-drawn poster for my room.

Download the file here!

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