Writing a Biography

by Teill Dean
(Tampa, Florida)

A First Grade Writing Unit

Day 1:

Read a biography and talk about the perspective it is written in. The author is an “expert” in the subject he is writing about. How does an author become an “expert” about a person?

Day 2:

Read another biography. Talk about how this author became an “expert” about another person. Discuss what newspaper reporters do and how they interview someone to get a story to write about. Brainstorm and write 10 interview questions to ask someone in your class.

Day 3:

Read another biography. Have the students wrote 5 more interview questions on their own. Talk about some of the questions they students have written.

Day 4:

Interview Day! Have the students get into groups and hold interviews. Remember to write down the answers.

Days 5 and 6:

Write a biography about the person you interviewed.

Day 7:

Share the biographies!

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Mar 05, 2015
thanks NEW
by: George

Is it really necessary to learn them about the various aspects of writing and autobiography? I think, it would be far better, if you could stick to the basics like what exactly is an autobiography and what are the basic writing styles to be adopted. Mezlan shoe review

Jun 16, 2009
by: Aaron Visocnik

Wow! This is good!!

Feb 14, 2008
Amazing Lesson
by: Kevin Lilly

Really enjoyed this :)

Aug 05, 2007
Great Idea
by: Beth

I will definatly try it!

Aug 05, 2007
by: Mrs. Mikesell

I'm thinking that I can adapt this to Kindergarten in a large group way.

Reading, writing questions, answering questions, etc... with a member of our school.

Would be pretty neat!

Thanks for the great idea!

Aug 05, 2007
Great idea!
by: Anonymous

What a great idea that's so easy to do!

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