What should I do when they are done early?

by Tonya
(Maple. Ontario, Canada)

I am using the Daily 5, but the problem I run into is when they are on work on writing. I teach full day alternate day Kindergarten.

So Monday and Tuesday, my students work on writing recounts about their weekend in their journals.

The problem I have is that they all finish at different times.

Since the next Daily 5 job on my chart is Word Work, I can't have the students who finish writing go onto word work yet because the word work centers are designed where all students have to begin them at the same time.

So, I am just wondering what can I do when the students finish work on writing before others?

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Dec 26, 2010
Careful, Colorful and Detailed work
by: PenKen

At a workshop, I picked up this helpful tool called Careful, Colorful and Detailed...
I use a triangle on their papers if work isn't careful, colorful ( at least 5 colors) and detailed - esp. with illustrations. They must go back and correct the part that isn't done properly. This has been great to encourage my students to take pride in their work.

Dec 24, 2010
No Prompt
by: Mrs. Mikesell

I totally understand your dilemma and think I have an easy solution for you...

Don't tell them what to write about - just tell them to "Go Write!"

I do this with my class and they sometimes get mad when I tell them to stop.

They write fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, lists, whatever.

The key is that they are practicing writing; not how to write to a prompt.

Hope this helps!

Mrs. Mikesell :)

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