What is the Capital of Florida?

I teach music at an elementary school.

One day I was teaching a song about Florida to a class of KG, 1st, and 2nd graders, and I went to the map to point out its location.

One of the 2nd graders raised his hand and said, "I'm confused. If Washington is the capitol of our country, why isn't it the capitol of Florida?"

Well, I proceded to explain that each of the states has it's own capitol and that there is a national capitol that helps all the states work together as a country.

I even used the analogy of our school; that each classroom is ruled by a teacher, but that we also have a principal who helps all the classrooms work together as a whole school.

Then, feeling good about my answer, I posed the question, "Does anyone know what the capitol of Florida is?"

After a few seconds of silence, a 1st grader proudly thrust his hand into the air, looked around at the rest of us as if it was completely absurd that we didn't know the answer to this very simple question, and firmly stated, "F!"

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