What is required by the State?

by T
(Houston, TX)

My oldest just turned four.

I have intentions on homeschooling her for a while (maybe until high school).

I am looking information on the paperwork required by the state on homeschooling.

I am excited to say the least!

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Jul 21, 2010
homeschooling requirements
by: Leah

Go to your state's Dept of Education to see what YOUR state requires of homeschoolers. Some states have very 'easy' requirements and some require lots of hoop jumping.

A little advise, even though you didn't ask for it. :)
I started trying to teach my daughter to read just after her 5th birthday. We struggled for a whole year, stopping and starting. She just didn't get it. Then after her 6th birthday, she started reading and very quickly read chapter books. Her first was Little House in the Big Woods.

Then, my son didn't read until he was 10yo, but built his first computer 1.5 yrs later. If he'd been in a typical school....

All this to say, follow the laws of your state, but don't be afraid to do things YOUR way. Don't turn your home into a school. :)

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