What do I do when...?
Common Questions

What do I do when...? All of us have questions. Some are just too painful to ask in public. So, I hope this helps you out!

I have to go to the bathroom?

Most schools allow you to buzz the office for assistance. Just make sure it isn’t a daily problem!

My lesson is over and there’s 20 minutes left?

Read a book to the class, play a phonemic awareness game, make a list about what the children did this weekend, wing it! Never, ever, ever leave the children to their own devices. If not given an assignment, the children will find something to do and it will most likely not be something you’d like. Then, next time remember to plan enough to fill your time block.

What do I do when... I can’t get to school on time?

Call school immediately. They need to know so they can make sure the children are supervised and safe. Things happen, just be professional and alert your school in a timely manner.

A lesson just stinks?

This happens to everyone. You think you’ve planned something great and part way through it is just going nowhere. Scrap the lesson and try something different. Just be conscience of the kids and if they understand what you’re teaching. Not everything you plan will work, and some things that just pop up in teachable moments will work great! Be flexible.

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