Water Day
A Fun and Academic Celebration

One of my favorite days during the year is Water Day. It is fun, exciting, and a great way to have parents become involved in a healthy, huge event!

This year the kids had to earn a ticket into Water Day.

They had to get at least 12 green days out of 18 to get a ticket. I kept a record on a spread sheet. The kids help me mark it every afternoon.

Once they earned a ticket, they write their name on it and hung it on the board. This really gave me a little leverage at the end of the school year…

We also kept an event chain leading up to Water Day. We labeled each chain link with any end of the year events like AR celebration, library books due and Field Day.

This way the kids knew how long it would be until the celebration. This helped with the many times I used to be asked, “When is Water Day, Mrs. Mikesell?”

So, let’s talk about the stations. Some stations were a “hit” and others were a dismal failure.

One new station was this roll a dice, melt the ice game. My kids seem to really enjoy it and the mom that was running the center seemed to think it was fun too!

Another new center was the music center. I had a support teacher come and dance with the kids to some favorite songs. It was fun, but man, it was hot. Next time I’d have some spray bottles for them to cool off.

The biggest flop was “ice castle building”. We had tons of ice and small containers for the kids to build castles. It was really a cool idea, but it turned into the kids just putting ice on each other’s heads. Oh well, they all can’t be winners!

Some old favorites were writing with water, chalk, water table, bubbles and a sponge relay.

The stations were: Water balloons, Writing with water, Bubbles, Bucket toss, Water table, Sponge relay, and Sidewalk Chalk

Water balloons

I didn’t get a great picture of this center – but the students were making predictions on how many times they could toss the balloon back and forth before it would break.

It was a great way to add math to our day, but it also conserved the balloons!

This center was very suspenseful!

Writing with water

This has to be the easiest Water Day activity ever – but it was the kids’ favorite!

I took all of our old paint brushes and sponge brushes, gave each student a small container of soapy water and had them write with water.

Our volunteer for this center was our Reading Coach, so she challenged the students to push themselves to write amazing things.

This student wrote “cheerful” all by himself to describe Water Day!


The bubble center was exciting because the children were given bubble wands of different sizes to try.

They had contests: biggest bubble, smallest bubble, and bubble that lasted the longest.

The children were excited to use “Sparkle Words” to describe the bubbles.

Bucket Toss

This game involved 4 buckets filled with soapy water and two plastic balls. The children would toss the balls into the buckets. Each time having to throw a little further to make it in. Each student had 4 chances then went to the end of the line.

The key was that they had to remember how many “points” they had.

It was a great way to reinforce “counting on” in a fun way!

Water Table

This center was an old, plastic kiddy swimming pool filled with soapy water. The children had different measuring cups, bowls, spoons and other containers. They had to predict how many “scoops” would fill each container.

Sponge Relay

In this center the kids had to fill a sponge from one bucket and run it to another bucket.

The teams had to work together and develop strategies to get the water to the other side the quickest!

This group made the most of being wet that day and started filling their shirts with water too. Needless to say, they won.

Sidewalk Chalk

This was the only center that wasn’t “wet”. We had the children illustrate and write about their favorite part of the school year on the sidewalk with chalk. It made for a beautiful decoration for the parents on the last day of school.

In this simple day, we targeted writing, math, reasoning, athletics, team-work and science! Wow! Hope you try some of these activities with your students.

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