Teaching Materials

Everyone wants effective, focused teaching materials to make our job a little easier and it increase student learning.

When I started out many years ago, I spent tons of money on items I thought I would use.

What I didn't realize then was that most of what I was paying for I'd never use because it wasn't what I needed.

It wasn't what my kids liked.

And... most of all, it wasn't able to be differentiated to meet everyone's needs.

Overtime, I created many resources to use with children that are highly effective and fun.

Common Core Reading Lessons, Books and Writing Crafts, Writing Craft Posters, Literacy Centers for Primary Grades, Primary Writing Rubric, Kindergarten Daily Math Journals, First Grade Daily Math Journals, Daily Literacy Journals, CVC Word Fluency, Cut & Glue Skills and Cut, Glue, Write and Draw are just a few of the wonderful resouces you will find here.

Kindergarten and First Grade teachers love Cut, Glue, Write and Draw because it's focus is on sight words, writing and cutting all in one!

I love my Kindergarten Daily Math Journals and First Grade Daily Math Journals because they focus on systematic review of skills taught in the classroom. They are great for conferences, portfolios and informal assessments.

When working on specific reading skills, Daily Literacy Journals can help you out!

If you like to help children read faster and with accuracy, you need CVC Word Fluency. This is a tool made for teachers who want their students to be fluent, accurate and excited readers.

Fun and routine-based Cut & Glue Skills are just perfect for centers, homework or quick, informal assessments.

Have more questions? Please feel free to contact me about teaching materials you'd like to see here.

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