Teaching Elementary Technology

by EMars

Hi there,

I teach computers and technology at a parochial school in PA.

I have found a really great website that I use for grades Pre-K through 3rd grades it is:

They have their activities distributed amongst the proper age groups, and my students really love when we work on this site.

It is really a great tool with the Pre-K and Kinder students to work on their mouse skills. Plenty of connect the dots, and simple counting skills with balloons and fish.

With the Kinders we also work on upper and lower case letters.

With my 1st grade classes we do some of the math features too. They really enjoy the subtraction and addition programs and I have heard back from their core teachers that it is really helping them with their math skills too.


Tech Teacher in PA

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Apr 09, 2009
by: Sarah C

I believe that is so important to integrate technology in the classroom. I am currently an early childhood major that is in a technology class and i have found very intresting techniques to use in my future classroom. Along with those sites that you found helpful. I would highly suggest using Voice Thread in your classroom. This fun tool provides a unique experience for the students. You could counduct a lesson on any subject and add your voice to the presentaion. I found this to be very helpful. It keeps the students engaged and gives them something new to look at, while integrating technology into your classroom.

Jan 18, 2009
by: CL-L

I will check it out - thank you EMars (PA)!

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