Teacher Podcasts

I create teacher podcasts because many times it is easier to learn a concept when you watch a video!

I don't know about you, but when I see a new idea in action it is so much easier to implement it into my own classroom.

It also helps to watch a video because you can quickly decide how you need to modify an idea to meet your students' needs.

These are all 3 - 20 minute videos on teaching topics to help you out.

They can all be downloaded to your computer through iTunes if you search "elementary teacher resources" or you can watch them at the links below.

  • Gooney Bird Greene: This is all about how I used this chapter book in my elementary classroom for writing. There are so many crafts in this story, and the plot of the story is how to tell stories. Every class I've read this book to has loved it - and one year I read it to them twice because they loved it so much!

  • Books and Writing Crafts Review: This is all about books I use and what writing crafts I focus in on during writer's workshop.

  • Sample Writer's Workshop Lessons: See me teaching a lesson. You can watch how I use planning and crafts during my lessons.

  • Writing Crafts: This is another video all about different writing crafts and how to find them in stories.

  • Introduction to elementary-teacher-resources.com: This was my first podcast. It was pretty funny and the outtakes were my favorite part.

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