Teacher Appearance
It Makes The Grade

Having a professional teacher appearance is crucial. If you look like a kid, the students will treat you accordingly. If you look like an adult, they will treat you accordingly. First impressions are hard to erase, so make it a good one.

I typically wear black pants and a sweater to school just about every day. It is easy, it gives off the teacher appearance, and it is cheap.

You will go through clothes like crazy if you teach primary grades, so you need to shop with that in mind. Buy things that you can mix and match. Buy things that are machine washable.

If you “wonder” if an outfit is appropriate for work – it probably isn’t. Don’t wear skirts that are short, don’t wear shirts that reveal, don’t wear anything that shows your belly.

I have known several teachers through the years that wore jogging suits to school to teach in. It looks terrible, it is ridiculously unprofessional and the kids won’t respect you if you can’t even dress yourself in the morning.

If you ever plan on moving up the ladder in a school system, look like it. I have never seen a “power player” in a school that didn’t look the part.

With this said, no one expects you to wear a suit to teach kindergarten. Just look at yourself and think, “If this was the outfit my child’s teacher was wearing, what would I think about them?”

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