Success For All

by Judy Dickman
(Carmichael, California)

I was looking at your themes and wonder if you are doing the "Success For All" program.

I worked with the program for seven years at my previous school.

It had some great ideas and strategies (partner read, which I still do), many of which I have carried forward to my present teaching situation.

My big disenchantment was the themes, which I know they have revised.

The school I was at adopted Houghton-Mifflin while fasing out SFA, and since I was doing full day at the time, I used SFA in the morning and introduced Houghton Mifflin in the afternoon!

Every program has value. I just wish we were allowed to teach what we know is successful for ALL children instead of spending small fortunes on new programs that don't cut the mustard.

I appreciate your website and all the great strategies you use.

Judy Dickman

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