Student Led Discussions

You may want to start holding more student led discussions in your class and watch some magic happen!

How do your students participate in class discussions?

Student Led Discussions

In my classroom, my goal is for my students to be able to lead reviews and questions and the end of each and every lesson.

I'm not going to tell you that this is easy to achieve - it isn't.

But, it is well worth it in the end.

Once I knew what I wanted the children to be able to do I started breaking it down into skills.

These are the student led discussions mini-lessons I taught to get to where I am now:

  1. What is a question?

  2. What words to questions begin with?

  3. What do questions 'do' for good learners?

  4. What should you hear and see when you're talking to someone?

  5. Can you ask a partner questions about things they like?

  6. Can you ask questions about stories or centers?

  7. What are questions you hear good teachers ask?

  8. Can you sit in my chair and ask questions that good teachers ask?

  9. What compliments do good teachers give?

  10. Can you sit in my chair and give compliments good teachers give?

  11. If I finish reading a book, can you sit in my chair and ask the class about the book?

  12. What questions can you ask after Mrs. Mikesell teaches a lesson to know the kids learned what was taught?

Do your best teaching by asking
the right questions.

I'm sure that I'll have to add and refine even more lessons to this skill set.

But... at this point, when I am finished teaching a lesson I say, "Who can come teach the review?"

I sit on the floor like a student and the kids ask each other what they learned, why they are learning it, and what activities they are working on next.

With my group now, I have been working on this for 6 months.

They are starting to ask each other probing questions, and occasionally a really higher order question!

Magic, right?!

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