We read the book Splash! this week. It’s all about animals playing in water to cool off. We then talked about how other things can make a reaction when tossed into water.

Our experiment was - "How big of an impact will different objects make?"

We made a list of items to test.

Some of the objects were: penny, dice, woodem block, pencil, and plastic cup.

We took the kids outside and had a big, clear bucket of water. We then sorted the items into two groups – big and small reaction.

Then, the fun began!

We started with the small items… and it was fun.

The children liked to see the water fly around and began getting more and more excited when they realized that the reactions were growing in size and energy!

The final object was a large, wooden building block.

Splash experiment - How big of a splash will it make?

The kids were shaking with excitement because they knew I was going to get soaked.

Finally, I dropped the block and WOW! water flew everywhere!

We then talked about why some objects had big and little reactions with the water. I had the children come back into class and document the experiment.

"Good scientists record their information. It helps them remember the results."

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