September 2008
Classroom Newsletter # 1

Computer Class

We began computer classes this week! The children were thrilled to go into the media center and work on the computers "like the big kids"!

We went on Tuesday and had a terrific time learning on

The kids loved it so much they wanted to go back everyday, but we have computers only on Tuesdays!

We have been working on many exciting this this week. In writing we have been talking about onomatopoeia.

To demonstrate what that means we read a book called Baby Rattlesnake. This book used onomatopoeia over and over when the snake shook it's rattle... "Ch Ch Ch Ch".

The kids have loved using sounds in their writing to add detail and excitement.

Computer Class

It also happened that I found a snake in my house this week, so I used that experience as a tool to further explore the use of onomatopoeia in writing.

In reading we have been continuing our study of word families. We have discussed -at, -an, -ig, -iss, and -ill. We have also been reading lots of books about "growing up" and talking about how humans and animals grow.

In math, we have been learning about addition and subtraction. We are using manipulatives to make the lessons hands-on.

For science, we are still exploring matter. We performed two fun experiments this week. One tested if different colored crayons would sink or float in water. In another experiment the children made boats from tin foil. Their goal was to make a boat that could hold the most mass in it. It was a splash!

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