Scrambled sight words?

I have a child in Kindergarten.

He has been having homework with scrambled sight words.

He is able to figure out what the words are but I can't see anything good from this sort of lesson at 5 yrs old.

I did homeschool my older son in Kindergarten and never ran across any lesson that involved my 5 yr old looking at scrambled words.

What do you think about this?

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Oct 03, 2009
by: Anonymous

It is very helpful to give a child a handful of magnetic letters, or a strip of printed letters that they cut apart, to see if they can use the letters to put a sight word together correctly. I don't think I would want the child staring at a scrambled word for very long... why stare at it if it appears incorrectly? But you could give your kindergartner the individual letters that are scrambled (magnetic, or write them on cards), and have him manipulate them and put it together correctly.
I sometimes give my kids a cup of letters (a sight word, or a name of a friend in the class) and see if they can arrange them to spell some words, or guess the mystery word.
For instance, in first grade I might put "e, r, h, t, e" in a cup, and see if they can make some words using those letters, or guess the mystery word. It is a great exercise to see if the child can spell he, her, the, here, tree, three, and there using those letters.
Hope this helps you.

Apr 10, 2009
by: Mrs. Mikesell

I think that reviewing and learning sight words in Kindergarten is hard... seeing them scrambled seems quite confusing to me.

Have you asked the teacher about it? She might have a great reason for it - or none at all. Either way it might make her think about the task.

Mrs. Mikesell :)

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