"Does this school fit you?"

Schools are all different. The key to enjoying your job is to decide "Does this school fit you?" , you and your personality, work style and life.

It is hard to know what a school is like without visiting it, so if you have the opportunity to go to the school, meet some of the teachers, and watch the kids in action you will have a better idea of what the school is about.

Before you go onto an interview for your dream job make a list of things you want out of a school, what your strengths and weaknesses are and what you want the school to get from you. This will be helpful for you to sort out your ideas before the questions are asked.

I will never forget when I first moved to across the country and I interviewed at a school that was supposed to be for special needs children with reading difficulties. It was supposed to be hands-on, exciting and interactive. It sounded great. I forgot to ask, "Does this school fit you?"

What it turned out to be was a school for children with terribly aggressive behavior and a mixed bag of academic abilities. Due to the fact that it was a new school, and orders were placed late, I taught for 14 weeks without desks. The reading curriculum came about December. I never did receive math or science materials. Whoa, did I learn from that experience! If you can’t see with your own eyes what a school is selling, then don’t buy it.

I am now working at a terrific school. I love it; it is a great fit. The student’s are a perfect match for my personality. My principal is a wonderful support. My teaching assistants know what to do before I ask them. It is a great situation, but I did my homework. I went and observed in the school for an afternoon, I saw what was happening in classrooms, and I met with the principal and talked honestly about what I wanted to do and what she wanted me to do.

You would spend days researching a car to buy, weeks looking at houses to move into, why not treat you career the same way?

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