Retell Ring

Retell Ring - Building Comprehension with Questions

This is my Retell Ring.

It's used after a guided reading lesson.

The Retell Ring might be for you!

Do you want your children to gain independence in reading?

Do you want them to be able to ask questions on their own?

I knew that in order for my readers to gain independence from me and my constant scaffolding they would need a place to practice these skills without me.

I came up with the idea one afternoon while I was watching my kids talk about books.

I noticed that they just would blab facts to each other while no one was listening.

This was totally unacceptable.

I wanted a conversation to happen.

I wanted thinking to occur.

I wanted the to be able to discuss their favorite books - not just repeat information.

After much thought I came up with the idea of training the children to go and ask each other questions about the book after guided reading.

This way the kids would have just finished reading the book with me, and working on skills related to it. It would be fresh in their minds.

They could get the ring and discuss the story without me.

That's what my kids love best about it: NO GROWN-UPS ALOUD!

They think that I can't hear them, but I can.

After using these rings a few weeks, the children have really become comfortable with asking the 'pre-made' questions, so I'm starting to have them write their own and add them to the ring.

I'm hoping in a few weeks I'll just remove all of the pre-made questions and they will go at it on their own!

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