Reading Center
Books and Baskets

My reading center is actually called "Books and Baskets" because it sounds fun and if you hook your class with a great name, that's half the battle.

Give them a place to be comfortable and they will read!

My kids LOVE this center because there are tons of great books and a big stack of laundry baskets to hang out in.

Most children like to have personal space while reading, and the laundry baskets create a perfect "child-sized" place for them to curl up and feel safe.

I placed my reading center by a window so the children can feel the sunshine and look out and daydream about books. I used to hide this center from the window and found that the kids didn't want to go there. I think providing them with a little natural light and the "right" to think about books it has become much more successful.

I have been using the laundry baskets for about 5 years now, and it is always a great success because it is simple and sustainable.

In the past I used bean bag chairs, lawn chairs, and all types of seating, but I keep coming back to the laundry baskets.

If you have access to laundry facilities, it is fun to have blankets, pillows or reading buddies for the kids to cuddle with. If not, add a few pairs of cheap sunglasses to the center for an extra bit of excitement.

To keep them clean, I spray them down with Lysol a lot. For deep cleaning, every few weeks I have a few kids take the baskets outside and wash them down with soapy water.

So, go make a comfy place for your students to read today!

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