Questions Teachers Should Think About

New teachers often are asked questions that they haven't heard or thought about previously. This is an outline of many of the questions I have been asked (or asked) over the years. Follow the link for a printable version of the questions for interviews.

1) Expectations

a) Academic – What are the expectations in your classroom?

b) Behavior – What routines and procedures are in place to prevent behavior issues?

2) Schedule

a) How long is being spent on each subject?

b) How do you know how much time is supposed to be spent on each subject?

3) Reading

a) How is music being used in the classroom?

b) What are phonemic awareness skills are being addressed?

c) What reading strategies have you taught, modeled, and see your students using?

d) How are you extending read alouds?

e) How are you extending shared reading?

f) How are you building vocabulary?

g) How are you building independent readers?

h) In what way are you preparing your students for DIBELS, DRA and other reading assessments?

i) What are your expectations for reading?

j) What questions are you asking children doing reading to assess comprehension?

4) Writing

a) How is writing taught in your classroom?

b) Are you using writing strategies? Which?

c) How often are your students writing?

d) How do students know what skills to work on?

e) How do students know what skills they have mastered?

f) What are your expectations for writing?

5) Math

a) How are hands-on activities taught?

b) How is the math curriculum being used?

c) What skills are being taught in calendar math?

d) What are your expectations in math?

6) Centers

a) What centers activities are being used?

b) How are the activities modified for different abilities?

c) How are new centers being created and taught?

7) Large Group activities vs. Centers activities

a) How are large group lessons decided upon?

b) How are centers activities decided upon?

c) How do you decide if an activity is better for large group work or independent centers?

8) Large Group Activities

a) How are you assessing students?

b) How do you differentiate for all students?

9) Centers

a) How are you assessing students?

b) How do you differentiate for all students?

10) High Students

a) How do you know when a student needs to be challenged?

b) What challenges are you offering the high students?

11) Low Students

a) How do you know when a student needs remediation?

b) What are you offering the low students?

12) Assessment

a) How are you assessing students?

b) What assessments do you use beyond the district assessments?

i) Why do you use these?

c) What do you do with the data from assessments?

13) Maintaining Academic Flow

a) How are you maintaining academic flow?

b) What do you do when the flow is broken?

c) What do you do to help pace in your lessons?

d) What questions can you use to maintain academic flow?

14) Planning

a) How do you plan your lessons?

b) How do you follow through with your plans?

c) When implementing your plans, how do you stay on task?

15) Classroom Management

a) What is your behavior plan?

i) How do you maintain it?

ii) What is the children’s role in the management?

iii) How are infractions dealt with?

b) Teaching Assistant

i) How do you delegate?

ii) What is her role?

Professional Learning Communities

a) What skills do you bring to your PLC?

b) What activities have you shared in your PLC?

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