Perfect Teacher?
Can I be Perfect?

You want to be the perfect teacher. But, you won't be.

You work with children; they are unpredictable individuals. The best lesson in the world might not work with your group. Be prepared to meet your children where they are.

Do not compare your class to children you had in student teaching. Do not compare them to your cousin. Do not compare them to the class next door. Each and every school group is different.

When administrators walk into classrooms, they do not expect to see the perfect teacher. They expect to see happy children learning something. They do not expect to see robots sitting in seats every minute of every day. They want to see teachers moving children forward academically.

Sometimes you can do this by sitting on a rug reading a story, sometimes the children will be working in their seats, and yes, sometimes the children will have to be loud.

When I walk into a classroom and it is silent I get worried. A quiet classroom is a classroom where cooperative learning is not taking place. A quiet classroom is a classroom where children have been trained to do seat work. That is sad.

Children have to “do” to learn. They have to touch, see, feel, move and sing. I love hearing singing through the hallways of schools. I love walking in to a classroom and seeing children all over the floor working together.

Do what feels right; your children will let you know when they need to move.

You won’t be “perfect” – but you will be a great teacher.

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