November Curriculum
For Kindergarten

In the November Curriculum For Kindergarten, we are learning about Kindergarten, blending sounds and rime, the "at" word family and Thanksgiving.

November Curriculum:

  1. Language Arts: Friends Together

  2. - Blending sounds and rime
    - Letters: H, V, C
    - Words: a, to
    - -at word family
    - Cause and Effect

  3. Writing:

  4. - Capital at beginning of sentence
    - End punctuation
    - Journals
    - Word spacing
    - Match spoken words to print
    - Writing sentences

  5. Science / Social Studies:

  6. - Thanksgiving

  7. Math:

  8. - Calendar Math
    - Graph a Day – Yes/No
    - ABAB and ABCABC patterns
    - Extending patterns
    - Counting with manipulatives
    - Analyzing graphs
    - 1-to-1 correspondence
    - Numbers 1 - 12
    - Spatial relationships
    - Shapes and geometry

November homework:

  1. Write and draw 4 things that start with the letter "H".
  2. Write and draw 4 things that start with the letter "V".
  3. Write and draw 4 things that start with the letter "C".
  4. Write a sentence with the word "a".
  5. Write a sentence with the word "to".
  6. Write and draw two -at family words.
  7. Write a sentence with the words "fat" and "sat".
  8. Tell your mom or dad and sentence and watch them write it. Copy it the same as they did.
  9. Write and draw about turkeys.
  10. Write and draw about Pilgrims.
  11. Write and draw about your favorite Thanksgiving food.
  12. Draw a picture that shows "15".
  13. Draw a picture that uses a square, triangle, circle, and rectangle.
  14. Draw an ABCABC pattern.
  15. Write and draw about what happens when you jump in a swimming pool.

    Recommended Games for November:
  1. Make 3 letter words
  2. Pooh's Word Building
  3. Clifford's Make a Word

  4. Contact me about your November curriculum for Kindergarten

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