by Mrs. Mikesell

My First Grade class will be beginning this project on 11-8-10. I'm hoping to get it rolling well by the end of this week.

I am planning on letting the children pick the charity they want. We'll make a list of ideas. We will most likely vote on it so everyone is OK with the decision.

I'll keep you posted on progress throughout the year.

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Dec 10, 2010
$5.40 Sent off!
by: Mrs. Mikesell

Today we sent off our first check! It was for $5.40 and it went to Feed America.

The kids were so excited and proud.

For December we have decided to help Ronald McDonald House.

Mrs. Mikesell :)

Nov 17, 2010
by: Mrs. Mikesell

So... we are up to $3.20 and my students have figured out that that will provide 12 meals.

They were so excited!

Things are going great - 32 kind acts recorded so far.

I hope we keep the momentum!

Nov 09, 2010
$1.00 Today
by: Mrs. Mikesell

Our class is up to $1.90 so far.

I found out that each dollar is 4 meals - so that's almost 8 meals served.

The kids were so excited.

It's working out really well!

Mrs. Mikesell :)

Nov 08, 2010
Day 1 - $0.90!
by: Mrs. Mikesell

Today I introduced the project to the kids.

They were very excited at the idea of helping "someone". We talked for a long time about who are people that we could help and why.

We decided on helping "People who need food".

We will be making our donation to

On our first day we raised $0.90.

Mrs. Mikesell :)

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