"Motor" Skills

by Aaron
(Mobile, AL, USA)

I have a child in my first grade class who is pretty low. However, he has beautiful handwriting.

I mentioned to a paraprofessional in my room that he has great "motor" skills.

The little boy looked up and said, "But those aren't my "motor's" skills, those are my own."

He thought I was saying it was his MOTHER'S skills.

It gives me a laugh just thinking about it.

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Dec 02, 2009
Kids say the funniest things!
by: Anonymous

When I was teaching 3rd grade I had boys who were first cousins in my classroom. One of them had migraines and sometimes missed school for a day or part of a day because of a headache.

He was absent for about 3 or 4 days in the spring and to be absent so many days in a row was unusual.

After taking roll I said to his cousin, "My goodness, 'Little Johnny' must REALLY be sick!!"

"He sure is, cous said, he had to sit down A LOT at baseball practice yesterday.

Cousin didn't understand why I laughed so hard.
Too sick for school, not too sick to practice baseball!!!

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