Laundry Baskets

Are you looking for a new way to engage your students in reading?

Sit in Laundry Baskets for Reading

Try laundry baskets!

Do you need a way for students to spread out but don't have a ton of furniture in your classroom?

Try baskets!

Have some really wiggly students in your room and you're getting frustrated with always watching them fall out of their chair?

Try it!


I have a stack of about 15 of them in my classroom that I purchased at discount stores.

My students love them.

They sit in them all the time to do reading.

When working on writing, they use a clip board and climb on in.

Sit in Laundry Baskets for Reading

One of their favorite ways to use them is to flip them over and use it as a little table.

I have found that the baskets have been terrific for students who need to have their own personal space.

It gives them a place with defined area to get comfortable in.

I am reading buddies with an older class and they love to sit in them, too.

They are also a great way to have your students all sit on the rug for a video and they can sit however they want in the basket but are still in one area and not rolling around.

If you can't afford a class set - just get one or two to start and see how your students respond.

I think you'll be thrilled!

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