Kindergarten Teacher's Perspective

by Jen

This book looks like it could be used anywhere from end of Kindergarten to beginning of 2nd grade for some students.

This would be introduced in small groups in my classroom and then eventually used independently. For my struggling students we would probably continue to work on it together in small groups rather than have them use it individually.

I like the 'What are the key details in this story?' page the best. It incorporates so many elements.

The part I like the least is the 'How can you compare two characters?'. I think the students should have to write more comparing the characters rather than just checking a box if they were the same or different and filling in a sentence stem at the bottom.

Overall, I think this book would be very effective in implementing the common core comprehension standards.

As a kindergarten teacher, it is difficult finding resources for comprehension and many of these tools would be useful.

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