Alphabet In My Mouth

My students and their favorite song!

I got this great "In My Mouth" idea from Thanks Dr. Jean!

I took photos of my kids with their mouths open. I then put a letter on each student’s picture and made a PowerPoint of the alphabet. The kids sing along with the PowerPoint all the time!

One of my parents also helped me print, laminate and bind the pictures into a book for the children to sing to at centers time.

Sight Word Version

One of my higher students told me that he knew the letters and wanted more of a challenge, so I repeated the activity with sight words.

You can see one of my kids singing along with the book here.

This activity took on a life of its own! The kids were talking about it, and other teachers heard about it. So, I then took pictures of the teachers and staff and made a book of "sparkle words" with the teachers in it.

This book is by far the funniest, but I was told that teachers would hunt me down if their pictures ended up on the ‘net. Oh well!

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