I'm going back to the classroom because of your site!

by Belinda

I am currently on maternity leave and was re-assessing my career as a teacher (since I am loving my career as being a mum at the moment). I have been teaching for 9 years and felt I was losing the touch.

As a kid growing up I was not too fond of school. I was an Army child so we moved lots and lots. I decided from early on that I would become a teacher and wanted to be a first grade teacher so that I could make each student's first year a success and hope that they would go on to love School. I wanted to make my classroom fun and a place they loved to come too.

Early on in my career I am sure I achieved that but since having children I felt I began to lack the lust.

Even though I am on maternity leave like any teacher we are always searching, searching for something new and better. I found that and a whole lot more in
your one website.

I am in awe of you as a teacher. If only you lived in near me I would make you my mentor and role model and more importantly my teaching partner.

Your work sounds amazing, your blogs are great and the children in your photos are having a blast.

You have motivated me to get back on the wagon and find that lust again. I am already preparing things for when I go back in August. I am so excited to head
back to work.

Thank you so much!!!

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