by Kelley Chester
(Pensacola FL)

My daughter is having a rough time with pulling together a paragraph.

I am trying to work with her and have her describe things we look at.

Can you please give me any guidance to help me and my first grader out?

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Aug 07, 2009
a web might help
by: Leah

Have you tried using a 'web' with your daughter?

There are many versions, but a simple one has a circle in the center with 4 circles around it which are connected to the center circle with lines. (You could even fold a piece of paper into fourths and draw a square in the middle of the page. Trace over the fold lines, stopping at the center square.)

In the center, write what is being described: my bedroom. In each of the other circles, write something about the bedroom: my bed, my toy chest, the closet, my dresser. Now, you have a topic (bedroom) and 4 ideas you can use to write 4 sentences about the bedroom.

My curriculum doesn't do this until 2nd grade. (I teach a combined class of 1st/2nd graders and will start the Writer's Workshop described on this site during the first week of school, but it will be a simplified version at first!)

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