Guided Reading with Non-Readers

My Kindergartners don't start actually reading until the last quarter of the school year.

How do you do "Guided Reading" type of activities with non-readers?

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Sep 23, 2015
Guidelines NEW
by: Brock Hecker

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Aug 06, 2015
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Jul 30, 2010
Re: Daily 5
by: Michelle

Connie- Do you still have traditional play centers in your classroom (i.e. building, dramatic play, etc.) even though you're using The Daily Five? If so, what does your scheduling look like. Feel free to PM me at
Thanks for the input!

Jul 29, 2010
Guided reading with non-readers
by: Connie

I also read Kindergarten Literacy by Anne McGill-Franzen. Wonderful book! I plan to use it along side the Daily 5 and Literacy Cafe. I started Daily 5 last year and loved it. I think that the added focus on assessment driven learning will only enrich that experience for my kids. (and make me a better teacher!)

If you have kids ready to read, don't wait until the last quarter of the year. Catch them when they are ready and watch them bloom! Many of your kids will be ready before that time and some may still not be ready. Best wishes for great readers!

Jul 26, 2010
Use assessment info. to inform instruction
by: Michelle

Your assessment info will let you know where to focus your kids. I group kids into 3-5 categories that cover the range of letters & sounds kids, almost readers and readers. The letters & sounds kids usually need to be broken down further depending upon what skills they have attained.

Anne McGill-Franzen refers to these groups as "Pretend Readers & Writers," "Beginning Readers & Writers," and "Conventional Readers & Writers." Your instruction should build on what the children know and are able to do.

I would highly suggest you get your hands on a WONDERFUL book called Kindergarten Literacy by anne McGill-Franzen. I just readit this summer - it will be a book I return to again and again and again! It provides you with ready-to-use comprehensive assessment tools as well as guidance on how to use the results.

All the best to you as you begin the new school year!

Aug 14, 2009
Pocket Charts
by: Jamie

Use pocket charts with words and illustrations. Use only cards that have simple words and preferably have an image to help associate meaning. Using a pointer, teacher/student reads sentences multiple times while class choral reads.

Aug 13, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hi, nice question, I feel the same way so I am going to try to start out by working on letters and sounds, words etc, model and choral reading in small groups, just to get myself ready. Any other ideas out there?

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