Guided Reading Strategy

by Melody

I don't know where I exactly found this idea but I have used it in my classroom at least once a week.

In the guided reading lesson after the students have read the story on Monday, Tuesday we do a vocabulary activity and then Wednesday, they do "Post-It- Note Review".

I present three comprehension questions from the story and give each child a post-it-note that they divide into three parts (Make sure it is divided where they can use the sticky part.)

They label each part either 1,2, or 3. After they have read the questions, they have to search the story for the answers and prove it by putting their post-it-notes labeled whatever questions it is on the board where the answer is exactly.

They work in partners. After they have finished, we come together as a whole group and I call on students to tell me the page number where they found their answer and they read the answer from the story.

All students follow along together. Sometimes we can find a question that has an answer in different parts of the story.

The students really enjoy this activity. I make the students put all three post-it-notes on the title of the next story of the reading textbook so we can reuse it.

Some students have post-it-notes that last all year some don't.

This is great to tie in Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle so they will be motivated to reuse theirs and to be responsible and put it where it needs to go for the next story.

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