Growing Seeds Experiment
What will seeds grow in?

What will seeds grow in?

While we were learning about plants, one of my students asked me, "Can we do a growing seeds experiment to find out what seeds will grow in?"

I went, "Huh, let's try it!"

So, that was the beginning of a really cool, fun, hands on, growing seeds experiment.

We started our test by brainstorming a list of "things" we could try to grow seeds in. Some were gross, some were cool, some might actually work out!

My favorites were: tomato sauce (we had made spaghetti the week before), Easter grass, markers, glue, tea bags (I drink a lot of tea at school) and paint.

What will seeds grow in? The students then collected enough bottles to start the experiment. Once we had collected the materials we started making the bottles. Each student picked one "test product" to put in the bottle with their seeds. We ended up with 15 completed bottles.

After the bottles were made, I spread them around the room and had each student go to each bottle and write what they observed, and what they thought would happen.

They really enjoyed looking at each bottle, examining it, shaking it, trying to smell it through the bottle (that was pretty funny) and writing their ideas down. The kids liked it so much they were all totally engaged in this for over an hour!

What will seeds grow in?

After the kids had observed each bottle, we then made a class summary chart of our thoughts. What we thought each bottle would do, how long it would take and so on.

I can't wait until something happens inside one of the bottles. It will be so exciting to watch the kids learn about seeds this way!

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