Graphing Math Tubs

Graphing Math Tubs are simple tubs to create and maintain. You can find and make them with just about anything. Even if you do not have "store bought" math tools, you can do these activities.

Some other items to use are crayons, bottle caps, erasers, pictures and dye-cuts.

In this tub I have the children pick a manipulative to graph. Each child get a "set" of manipulatives, a graphing sheet and gets to work.

In this picture we were graphing jelly beans because it was spring (and they were on sale!). The children graphed the jelly beans then had to write about their findings. Some examples were, "I had more red. I had less green."

This graph was an apples / oranges graph. We had read a story about fruit and I had the students illustrate their favorite fruit and hang it on the graph.

During math tubs the children had to write about the graph. My favorite response was, "Kids on swings do not eat oranges!" I was totally confused until I looked at the graph again, and sure enough, someone had drawn himself on a swing with an orange.

When thinking about creating a graphing math tub, remember that all the materials should be easy to move, pack up and prepare.

One of my favorite mats for math tubs is a shower curtain that I made into a grid. It is washable, easy to shove in a bucket and just so cool because it is huge.

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