Geometry Math Tubs

Using Geometry Math Tubs is fun! There are so many different activities available to teachers to reinforce these skills.

For this tub, the children had to work together to create the shapes were studying in class.

I gave the group picture cards to replicate. These included: circle, triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram, and trapezoid.

My kids loved this because they got to work as a team, crawl around on the floor and really show what they knew.

This activity really helped scaffold students who did not grasp shapes. Their whole body was involved, so it helped them "feel" the shapes, not just memorize what they were.

In this tub, my kids were creating shapes on geoboards. To make it a little more exciting, I borrowed an overhead geoboard to have on the screen.

The children took turns being the "teacher" and making the shape on the overhead. This kept them all engaged and moving forward.

Once the children created the shape on the geoboard, they had to find the shape on the math word wall as a group.

Yummy! Who doesn't like to play with food?

What the kids did in this tub was make shapes with fruit snacks and straws. It was really neat to see them contemplating how to make some shapes. Creating a circle was quiet a challenge!

My students loved this so much that we revisited it, but instead of straws I gave them tooth picks.

The best part was when they finished a shape they could eat it.

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