Your Favorite Student

On the flip side of the kid that drives you nutty is your favorite student - the kid you love so much and you wish you could take home. This is just as bad of a situation.

You cannot play favorites in a classroom. Don't let yourself get into a situation where it happens.

The kids will see it, they are smart cookies! They will hate you for it because they are not the favorite. The worst part of all, they will lose respect for you.

You have to be fair and consistent with each and every child in your room. You may have a Golden Child in your room, but you cannot let that child know you like them more. Ever.

Some ways to do this is to maintain a job board so everyone gets a turn, use "sticks" to draw names for games, and have an alphabetical assigned line order. These little procedures will protect you from calling on your dream kid more often than others.

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