An Emotional Breakdown
Take a Breath, You'll Be OK

Wham! The stress of teaching just hit you. You are having an emotional breakdown. Report cards are coming up, some form is due that you can’t find, little Johnny is eating papers again, your boyfriend is complaining that he never sees you, the car payment is late (because of the monster paychecks you’re getting!) and you got your period.

We’ve all been there.

This is when you need your team, co-teachers, and friends the most. Turn to them. They will help you out. They will get you what you need and get you through. Every teacher has at least one breakdown a year. You want to scream and hide and run and throw your plan book at the wall. Let out the stress and ask for help, you'll be surprised how many people will give you a hand.

You may also want to look at what you're doing and change things to keep is simple for a while. Sometimes just changing one or two things is the key to keeping your sanity!

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