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Dr. Jean Feldman's site drjean .org is amazing due to her vast experience as a classroom teacher, workshop instructor, singer and author.

She has great ideas for reading, writing, centers, and math.

Dr. Jean puts on amazing workshops around the country. They are interactive, hands-on and action packed.

If you can attend a workshop, I would recommend it... but if you can't you must visit her site for terrific, easy to use ideas for your classroom!

She also has tons of CD's for classroom use. My student's favorite CD is "Kiss Your Brain!". We even made a video from one of the songs!

Kids love to think that their brain is smart - so kissing your brain (or hugging your brain as some of my boys do) is cool!

I was lucky enough to go see her in Tampa, Florida in 2007. I left her program feeling excited and ready to teach.

I was also picked to go on stage and lead "Going on a bear hunt!" because I was wearing my "bear hunt" shirt.

It was really fun, but I was a little nervous. I'd never been infront of so many people before!

I think Dr. Jean is one of a kind. You can tell she truly loves kids.

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