The Kid that Drives You Crazy

There’s one in every class, the kid that drives you crazy. You try to keep positive, you try to love them, you try everything, but they still drive you crazy.

This is a part of teaching that most new teachers struggle with because they think that every kid will love them and listen to them. It is hard when you realize that every kid won’t love you and every kid won’t listen. Once you get to this point, you need a plan.

First, decide if the child drives you crazy because of something that you can help modify or if it is a personality conflict that you can’t help.

Some children drive you crazy because they are loud, or messy, or slow. Some children drive you crazy because they are throwing chairs. These are two totally different problems that need to be dealt with in different ways.

Second, find out whom at school you can talk to for help. Most schools have a guidance counselor that might have ideas. Some schools have an Assistant Principal or a Behavioral Specialist. Find out whom you can talk to for ideas.

Third, come up with a plan in class. It can be a desk chart, a reward system, whatever. If you have a plan, you can document progress or the lack of. This information is good to have.

Fourth, and this is the hardest, remember that the kid is a kid and many times whatever it is that is driving you nutty might spawn from something that is totally unrelated to school. Work with the children in your class and remember that they are people too, no matter how crazy they drive you.

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