Down By The Bay

"Down By The Bay" is a fun and silly story that teaches all kinds of skills young readers need to understand.

I have gone through the Kindergarten Sunshine State Standards and found many that would be covered by this story for reading, writing, oral language, and math.

I'm sure there are more covered, but these are the basics. They are:

LA.K.1.2.3: Recognize and produce words that rhyme

LA.K.1.2.4: Identify, blend, and segment onset and rime

LA.K.1.6.1: Use new vocabulary that is introduced and taught directly

LA.K.1.6.4: Identify and sort common words inro basic categories

LA.K.1.7.1: Make predictions about text content using pictures, background knowledge and text features

LA.K.2.1.3: Identify a regular beat and similarities of sounds in words when responding to rhythm and nursery rhymes and other rhyming selections

LA.K.3.1.2: Drawing a picture about ideas from stories read aloud or generated through class discussion

LA.K.3.4.1: Knowledge of letter/sound relationship to spell simple words

LA.K.4.1.2: Participate in writing simple stories, poems, rhymes or song lyrics

LA.K.5.2.4: Recite short poems, rhymes, songs, and stories with repeated patterns

MA.K.D.1.1: Represent qualities with numbers up to 20, verbally, in writing, and with manipulatives

MA.K.G.3.1: Compare and order objects indirectly or directly using measureable attributes such as length, height, and weight

Fun activities to do with this book are:

Sing the song: There are tons of versions out there. Find some you like, sing them and compare them! My favorite verstions are by FUNdamentals and Singable Songs for the Very Young.

Make predictions: What in the world could possibly happen next?

Substitute other rhyming words: Have you ever seen a cat wearing a hat?

Count the number of animals: How many animals did we find? Create a chart.

Sound substitutions (bay, day, way…): Have you ever seen a chair combing it's hair?

Patch print to illustration: Have the children write their favorite part of "Down By The Bay" and create a picture.

Create a “T” chart with animals and their actions: I did this with my class on the first day of school. It was a lot of fun because they could get their wiggles out!

Use student names in rhymes: I did this with my class. Some names are VERY hard to rhyme so we did, "Have you ever seen Isamari say kisamari?" and just created more nonsense words. The kids thought it was funny, and I got to teach nonsense words in the first week!

Create class books: After learning the story for a week, I had the kids dictate their favorite part, we printed it and they created the illustration. It is fast, fun and terrific to put in a reading center.

Hope you spend a little time with Down By the Bay. It will make you and your students laugh, learn and love it!

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