Do You Need
Cut and Glue Skills
for Kindergarten?

You're about to learn all about one of my favorite center activities – Cut and Glue Skills.

Centers are a main focus of the Kindergarten day. It is when the children can work in cooperative groups, review skills and practice being independent.

This Cut and Glue Skills eBook has everything you need for a great literacy center.

I wrote this eBook to help you build literacy skills while working on small motor practice.

This is the eBook for every Kindergarten teacher who has ever set up, or is considering setting up, literacy centers in their classroom.

It includes:

letters (upper, lower and combined)

sight words

numbers (1-8 and 1-20)

number and number words (1-8 and 1-20)

days of the week

color words

Teachers are always looking for centers supplements that are organized, focused and exciting. This is here to meet that need!

Mrs. Henslee says, "I was so very pleased with this activity. It is this kind of activity that helps build self-esteem! My struggling student was so proud when the activity was finished.

Even though I had to sit by the child and help him through the entire activity, he really felt good about his work. He had matched all of the letters! He did all of the matching by himself, but had the letters turned the wrong way. I just pointed that out and asked him to look carefully at the letters when he was gluing them down."

How did I start developing Cut and Glue Skills?

I am all about the academics when it comes to school. Due to the fact that we don't do a lot of art in the classroom, I have a hard time finding activities that meet the small motor skills needs of my class.

I starting thinking about ways to have large amounts of literacy involved in cutting and gluing skills.

Over the course of a few years I started really developing this eBook for my classroom. My students have really fallen in love with the worksheets. They are all the same procedure, so all the children need to focus on is the literacy skills.

Overtime, these worksheets turned into what I have today. A highly focused, standards based program that is easy to use and extremely fun.

What You'll Receive in This E-book:

126 pages of standards based Cut and Glue Skills worksheets.

Topics include:

  • letters (upper, lower and combined)

  • sight words

  • numbers (1-8 and 1-20)

  • number and number words (1-8 and 1-20)

  • days of the week

  • color words

Letter of the Week, a thematic unit or a center, the impact is the same - fun, engaged learning with tangible results!

You'll also receive Cut and Glue Skills with Pictures as a FREE Bonus!

Cut and Glue Skills with Pictures (a $7 value) is yours free with your purchase of Cut and Glue Skills for Kindergarten.

Cut and Glue Skills with Pictures is the natural compliment to Cut and Glue Skills for Kindergarten. It follows the same streamlined format, and the highly focused, standards based program.

What You'll Receive in This eBook:

53 pages of standards based Cut and Glue Skills with Pictures worksheets.

Topics include:

Cut and glue activities for the letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, (I J), L, M, (N O), P, R, S, T, (U V W).

  • The first set is matching picture to picture.
  • The second set it matching picture to word.
  • The third set is matching picture to word in "fun fonts".

Here is all it costs to have amazing Cut and Glue Skills in your Kindergarten classroom

This eBook is full of fun, engaging activities for every day of school!

The price to access "Cut and Glue Skills for Kindergarten" is only $7 – much less than you’d pay for a resource book at a teaching store.

If all you do after purchasing this eBook is sit back, watch your children’s literacy and small motor abilities rise, and you will get your money's worth.

But I'm confident the information in this book will do a lot more than that for you.

I think you'll be inspired by this eBook - and that when you begin using these activities to help your students build a love of literacy, you'll find it's the best $7 you've spent on your classroom this year.

Download this eBook and start teaching cutting in a new way within minutes....

Immediately following payment you will be able to download your eBook, and in just minutes you'll have access to Daily Math Journals.

The eBook is created in Adobe Acrobat file format. (PDF file). If you don't have the Adobe software for this file, you can download and install it for free.

No-Questions-Asked Guarantee: If for any reason you don't agree that this is the best thing for your Kindergarten students, just email me within 8 weeks from your date of purchase - and I'll issue you a 100% refund immediately.

Cut and Glue Skills and the free bonus Cut and Glue Skills with Pictures for only $7

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