Creating Craters

During our unit on space we talked a lot about creating craters and how they were formed.

As the culminating activity I had the children create craters in pairs.

All you need is some sand, marbles, small containers to hold the sand and a water spray bottle.

Have the children spray the sand 3 – 5 times. We found that if the sand was a little more damp – it worked better.

Then have them drop the marbles from different heights to create a crater effect. We used two different sized marbles to create different size craters.

I think that they dropped the marbles for about 5 minutes.

At the end of that time they had amazing Moon surfaces to observe. They used hand lenses to really get in and see what was going on!

Next year after they are finished I was thinking that I might make a plaster cast of one of them to have around in class as a model.

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