Centers without room

by msanders

I would like to know how I could do centers when I have no room.

My district says all reading teachers need to do centers for 60 mins during their 90 min reading block.

I currently teach in the teacher's lounge. It is full of vending machines, copier, fridge, and janitorial supplies.

My 11 students sit at 2 six-foot tables with barely room between them to walk.

So they cannot put books in the floor. I am at my wits end trying to figure the best and sane way to do centers.


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Dec 21, 2009
Use your wacky space wisely
by: Barb Kruger

Suggestions for you- use the side of the vending machine to hang magnetic items- letters, words, games, etc.

Store center items in shoeboxes that the students can use at their seats and exchange with other students. Also try using folders to create "centers."

Invest in large sticky-back post it note type paper that can be "hung" from the front of the vending machine without hurting the glass.

Play the Read-The-Room game- create labels for everything in your room, tape them up for reading practice.

Use the "science fair" type boards to create a foldable put-away center area.

Check out and see if your school will allow you to put this on a wall in there.

Have fun!

Dec 21, 2009
Try Table Toppers
by: Erin

Centers do not have to be scattered about a room to be called a center or to take on that characteristic. A long time ago I taught it a teeny tiny room in the school library. I shelved activities in bins that I called "Table Toppers". Essentially, my Table Toppers were Reading, Writing, Math, and Science centres. The children would get them off of the shelves and bring them to the table. They would work on the activity independently, or with a partner or with a small group right at the table. It wasn't ideal, but it certainly worked, the children learned and had fun too!

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