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I love to talk to people, share ideas, but I never thought that someone like me could build a website, but I did it, and you can too!

Here's my video about
why I love SBI!

I'm a teacher. I work hard, gather ideas, go to staff meetings, sing some silly songs, plan lessons... and all those things teachers do.

Who wouldn't want to earn extra income?

But when I get home at night I spend a few minutes making this webpage that earns me an extra income.

In just a few minutes a night, you can start build a website on something that you're passionate about.

Think about what you enjoy - what makes you happy? Can you write about it? Do you love to talk about it? Does it make your heart sing out, make you want to share? Then you have what it takes to start your own website.

Remember: The sooner you start toward your goal, the sooner you'll obtain it!

I found out about Solo Build It!, and had this site up and running in about 10 days. All I had to do was think of ideas to write about, and Solo Build It! did the rest.

You can start your own website, begin to earn extra income (to spend on your classroom?), have more time during the summer to relax, and have a ton of fun doing it.

This video is a quick and easy explanation of Solo Build It!, and what it is all about.

Take some time to really think about what you want out of life, what your goals are and if you're on the path to obtain what you need. Then think about if a little extra income would help with your dreams...

I know that I am much more relaxed now that I don't worry about car payments, mortgage, and credit cards bills as much! How would you feel?

Feel free to contact me about how to start your own website.

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