Blends Word Work

You know you have to do blends word work with your students...

But, where do you begin?

Student Led Discussions

This year I decided to take on my unit as 5 different mini-lessons.

I broke them down into:

  1. What is a blend? Providing a definition and using a 'blend stem' chart (Examples: bl, sp, tr) we made some words.

  2. What is NOT a blend? Sorting sticky notes into two groups - Blend / Not a Blend. I put some words that only had one consonant... but I also added some digraphs like 'sh' and 'th' into the mix too!

  3. Where can you find blends in words? We sorted beginning and ending blends.

  4. Can words have more than one blend? Once again we did a sort and the children had to decide if the words had 0, 1, 2, or more blends. (If you find a word with more than two blends - you're amazing. I hunted and never did find one!)

  5. Can you find words with blends in magazines or books? This was the final activity of the week where the students either wrote down words with blends that they found in story books or cut out words in magazines that had blends.

This was a lot of fun for the students - and really easy for me to plan and assess.

I'm looking forward to doing something similar again next year!

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