April Kindergarten Curriculum

In the April Kindergarten Curriculum , we are talking about Spring.

It is an exciting unit because it ties in many parts of the curriculum!

You can discus growing, changing and renewing during this time.

It wouldn't be spring in a Kindergarten room if you didn't try to grow seeds, discuss animals and their babies and make a project that uses flowers!

April Kindergarten Curriculum :

  1. Language Arts: Spring Is Here

  2. - Blending phonemes
    - Letters: W, Y, X
    - Words: play, she
    - -et, -en, -ot, -ox, - ig, -at,
    -an, and –it word families
    - Opposites
    - First letter and Last letter
    - Order words
    - Spring words

  3. Writing:

  4. - Capital at beginning of sentence
    - End punctuation
    - Journals
    - Word spacing
    - Match spoken words to print
    - Writing sentences
    - Quotation marks
    - Rhymes
    - Revisions in writing

  5. Science / Social Studies:

  6. - Plants and Animals

  7. Math:

  8. - Calendar Math
    - Graph a Day – Yes/No
    - Analyzing graphs
    - 1-to-1 correspondence
    - Different ways to represent numbers
    - Symmetry and reflections
    - Counting and sorting money
    - Fractions
    - Time on the hour

April homework:

  1. Write and draw 4 things that start with the letter "W".
  2. Write and draw 4 things that end with the letter "X". (Example: fox, box)
  3. Write and draw 4 things that start with the letter "Y".
  4. Write and draw 4 words from the "-et" family.
  5. Write and draw 4 words from the "-en" family.
  6. Write and draw 4 words that end with the letter "T".
  7. Write a story using the words "First", "Next", "At last".
  8. Write and draw about rhyming words.
  9. Write a sentence with the word "play".
  10. Write a sentence with the word "she".
  11. Write and draw about plants.
  12. Draw a plant and label the parts. (Example: leaf, stem)
  13. Draw a picture of 1/2 a pizza. Draw a picture of 1/4 a pizza.
  14. Draw 8 cents using pennies and nickels.
  15. Write and draw about something you like.

Recommended Games for April:

  • Word Familiy Games
  • Consonant Sound Games
  • Sequencing The Alphabet Games
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