Book Review:
Andrew's Loose Tooth

Andrew's Loose Tooth is a knock down, fall-over, laugh until you can't breathe story.

It is all about a little boy and how he cannot get his tooth to come out. He wants it out NOW, but can't find a way.

He gets his father to try with a string, his mother recommends eating an apple, and more ideas... that are just too wild to share! "Andrew's Loose Tooth" is great in a listening center because it lends itself to silly voices and screaming at crazy points!

My children learn inflection, tone and fluency by listening to this book over and over. I went to take it out of my listening center and they begged for me to put it back. What can I say, they love it!

This book is really fun with Kindergarten and First Grade students because they are all losing teeth. It really reminds them of how much work it is sometimes to be a kid!

I am a huge fan of Robert Munsch because of his funny sense of humor and ability to take everyday things and turn them into amazing tales. If you haven't read any Munsch stories, go get one. What are you waiting for? Don't you want to laugh?

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