The Great Bellybutton Cover-Up

Have you ever been embarrassed?

What did you do?

In The Great Bellybutton Cover-Up - Violet, an award winning sheep, has been sheared and can't believe that her bellybutton is showing.

Embarrassed and feeling alone Violet has to solve her problem.

She's at the county fair and comes up with many ways to hide her new "look".

Using what's common at the fair, she replaces her wool with cotton candy... but ends up humiliated because children think she's just delicious.

She tries chicken feathers... but the farmer thinks she's just dirty and washes them off.

She tries balloons.... but, you'll have to find out what happens then!

I've read this book to my class several times now and every time they fall more and more in love with Violet and her dilemma.

There's even a fun craft project at the end of the book that you can make with your class.

I hope that you enjoy The Great Bellybutton Cover-up as much as we did!

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