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Elementary Teacher Resources, Issue #029 - Helping Kids By Helping Each Other
February 06, 2009

Helping Kids By Helping Each Other

This month my school did a penny drive for a charity.

I think it is a great idea, but I wanted to take it one step further and turn it into a class project to promote kindness, helping and sharing with others.

What I did was create the “Helping Kids by Helping Each Other” project.

It was very simple to implement, but made a huge difference in the climate of my room.

This project took the idea of “helping” and turned it into a project of giving in one, simple piece of paper.


What I did was hang a big piece of bulletin board paper on the wall and affix the “Helping Kids by Helping Each Other” paper on it.

After that I found a container and put the “Helping Kids by Helping Each Other” paper on that.

The last thing I did was print out the “Helping Kids by Helping Each Other” tickets.

This is where the magic happens...

You then explain to the kids that every time they see someone doing something nice, they writing it down on a ticket and put it in the box. Every few days you will read the tickets and hang them on the board.

With each ticket written your class will donate one penny, one nickel, one dime, one quarter, one dollar… one whatever to charity.

In doing this you will build a community of helping, giving and sharing.

In the month that I have done this with my classroom, I have seen a tremendous decrease in behavior problems and a huge increase in “caring”.

The first month we donated to the charity the school was doing, but this month I had the kids brainstorm a list of people they thought we should help.

There was everything from “People who need food” to “Sick, little babies”. They were very thoughtful in their ideas.

We then wrote persuasive papers on what they thought the money should go to and the one with the most votes won. I will re-do this next month for a new charity.

I hope you try it out with your kids and see how amazing such a simple project can be in your classroom!

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