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Elementary Teacher Resources, Issue #025 -- Geometry and Guided Reading Ideas
December 07, 2008

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Elementary Teacher Resources


Many of us teach shapes to our primary students...

But there’s only so many fun ways you can explain sides, vertices and shapes.

So, what we did this year was create “shape flashcards”.

We did a shape review on the board, then each child got index cards and some tooth picks.

They each made flashcards for each of the shapes.

It took a little trial and error to find the best way to glue the toothpicks.

We found that running a small bead of white glue on the toothpick, then placing it on the card worked best.

After they made the shapes with the toothpicks they labeled each card with the information we had discussed.

They took the cards home in a zippy bag to study.

Let me tell you… every student passed the math test that week!

Old Phones

Do you have old house phones?

Can you round up a few?

Well, if you can they make amazing guided reading tools.

Either remove or cut off the cords, and place them by your reading table. My kids go for them all the time!

My kids love to pretend to read their stories to family and friends. It makes reading much more fun and engaging when they have an audience.

It also helps with the noise level during guided reading because most kids know that you don't yell into telephones.


If you're like me and addicted to your computer and you're still looking for more try

If you want to chat with teachers, or are feeling "Pre-Christmas Burnout", hop on over to the teacher chat forums at and talk it up.

I love these forums because there are always honest people with fabulous ideas.

I also find that when you're "down in the dumps", there is always something funny to lift your spirits.

Hope to see you over there!

It's finally here! After about 3 years of trying, working, writing, thinking, testing, throwing out, restarting, teamwork and tears...

25 Classroom Tested Primary Literacy Centers is ready for you.

This printable book has everything you need to create and teach 25 book based literacy centers.

If you want your children to use and understand:

  • Writing Crafts
  • Diagrams
  • Character Study
  • Book Report
  • Story Elements
  • ... and much, much more

… then Primary Literacy Centers is for you!

I hope that you have enjoyed this newsletter. Please feel free to email it to friends and family who are teachers or homeschool moms!

Also, don't forget to get your copy of my free new teacher handbook! It's full of great tips and tricks to make your year go great.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

See you next month!

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