First ReflEdChat

On June 22, 2014 the first ReflEdChat was held on Twitter using the hastag #ReflEdChat. 

It was an exciting night of reflections.

There were seven questions planned - and once the discussion started, time flew by!

There were over 200 tweets in the one hour chat.  Whew!

The first question was "How do you reflect?"  It seemed like there was many different ways shared, and many different people used in assisting with reflections.

Many people said that they reflected with a close coworker or with their parents on the phone on the way home.  

Driving reflections seemed to be a popular choice.

A few people also mentioned that they had their students reflect in a journal or notebook.

Over analyzing was a topic brought up a few times also.  I know that sometimes I climb into my own brain a bit too much!

Then, "How do you measure success as an educator?" was posed.

Many of the gut reactions were "Not with formal assessments!", but after a while there were many thoughts like, "Based on my students' emotions."

Motivation and individual improvements were brought up as important factors.  

"What were some of your biggest challenges this year?" came next and the thoughts were all over the board. 

Coworkers, paperwork, limiting challenges of the physical space we work in.  On and on.

Question four was, "How will you improve on your challenges next year?"  It was exciting to see the positive power of attacking issues with this idea.  

"How has your idea of "good teaching" changed over time?"  was next and it was really interesting to hear about what people thought was quality teaching and what had led to the changes in the idea.

To wrap up the discussion we talked about, "What is one area of your teaching that you want to dissect over the summer?"  

Everyone had something that they were going to reflect on over the following weeks to help start the next school year strong.  

Our first time together was a fast, fun and powerful night of discussion. 

If you'd like to be part of the group, login to Twitter and search for #ReflEdChat   The discussion format has changed and now one question is asked daily and you can respond when you have had time to reflect.  

To follow the whole discussion - read all the tweets below.  

The Complete First ReflEdChat

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